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I am impressed by David’s ability to articulate his knowledge to others in ways that make them feel enlightened and accomplished. That’s a true gift that he possesses. He is a life-long learner who strives to enrich his knowledge so he can share it with others.” - L.V.


"My team was spinning their wheels making no progress at all. David helped them focus and be accountable for results." - M. M.

David shares useful tips, great articles, and motivational quotes to keep you at the top of your game!


I look forward to David’s “Coach’s tips” every day.  They’re fun, insightful, and help me be a better leader.” - J. C.

Would you like to transform your organization?  Advance your career?  Achieve incredible results?


Like most people today, you are under the gun to manage more with fewer resources.  You are finding yourself increasingly unable to rely on others, because they too, have crises to handle.


Maybe your job changed.  The knowledge and skills that got you where you were are no longer adequate to keep you (or your organization) where you are; much less take you where you would like to be. 


As technology drives speed—you are expected to manage more, do more, learn more, and handle more at a rapidly increasing rate.


What do I know about all this?  I’ve been there.  Through trial, error, and a keen sense of paying attention; I learned what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, how to help you, if... 


· you want to achieve significant results, solve a pressing challenge, or take advantage of a major opportunity

· you are looking for credible advice from someone that has experience doing it

· you are transitioning into a bigger role and need new skills

· you want to learn better ways to manage your resources

· you are looking for help developing goals and objectives that will benefit you and your organization

· you are looking for fresh perspectives, tools, and ways of thinking which can be shared with colleagues throughout your organization

· you place a high value on self-awareness:  understanding the areas in which you excel, uncovering blind-spots, skills that need development, and what can be passed on to the team—leading to better results

· you need results; faster and with more focus than you could achieve on your own

· you are on a performance plan with a time frame and need an action plan to aggressively address each of the areas you need to improve

· you would like to develop a strategic career and life game plan



David Mettler and Associates, LLC


Our purpose is to ignite a passion for winning, a pursuit of the extraordinary, and to inspire your heart and mind.  We accomplish this through tailored professional services for the people and organizations we serve.


We have been accomplishing this since 2008, with a growing range of services, that can include (click to find out more):


Keynote presentations: kick-off a major event, open and close a conference, and blast some energy into your organization.


Training:  seminars, workshops, conference breakout sessions, or lunch-and-learn events to provide knowledge, solve problems, and as teambuilding events.


Individual and group coaching:  confidential and focused one-on-one or group sessions designed to build skills, confidence, improve performance levels, and introduce fresh ways of thinking.


Consulting and interim management:  When that extra pair of hands is needed to meet your organization’s goals..

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David Mettler
(c) David Mettler 2012 All Rights Reserved.

“Wayne Gretzky’s success came from skating to

where the puck was going.


Mine came from already being there.” 

                                                                               - David Mettler

Greatness is waiting.  Are you ready?

Missed a few tips?


David’s popular words of wisdom have been compiled into a Coach’s Tips Compendium!


Click here (or on the image below) to view or download the file!








Latest update includes tips up to:

October 11, 2012 

Text Box: Coach’s Tips Compendium!
David Mettler
(c) David Mettler 2012.  All Rights Reserved

Prior to launching David Mettler & Associates, LLC (DM&A), David led key business units and championed critical assignments in some of Fortune's top corporations. He built world-class organizations, created cultures of excitement and improvement that increased profits, productivity, and has delivered sustainable seven and eight figure results to the bottom line. Today, he brings his experience, expertise, and confidence to you!


In addition to a career that took him through General Electric, General Motors, and four internal promotions; David has been actively recruited directly by Toyota, Ford, Johnson Controls, Pfizer, Carrier, Trane, and most recently, Kelloggs, and Harley-Davidson. 


Known for spontaneity, humor, and high energy, David speaks about leadership and development.  His keynote presentations and seminars give you the answers you need.  Participants leave each session with actions they can take that day to generate far-reaching results—and a 21-day plan to keep the momentum going.

As the President and CEO, David manages the company, formulates and executes its long-term strategies, advises clients, employees, and stakeholders. David is DM&A’s primary decision and policy maker - setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics, and culture.

A former ice hockey goaltender, David coached high school and Mini-Mite hockey teams, ran training camps with active professional players, competed in international tournaments, and has played in charity games with retired NHL player-teams.  To this date, Wayne Gretzky has not scored on David.


David holds an MBA and earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Commerce and Computer Information Sciences.  He currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

David Mettler

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